What’s an R7 Skateboard Deck? Find Out Here

Skateboarding is more than just a sport; it’s a lifestyle. Every skateboard’s heart is its deck, the foundational platform that defines a rider’s experience. Among the various types available in the market, the R7 Skateboard Decks stands out for its exceptional features and construction, revolutionizing the skateboarding landscape.

Introduction to R7 Skateboard Decks

R7 decks are synonymous with durability and innovation. Their seven-ply construction and Resin-7 technology sets them apart from traditional decks. This combination ensures a level of performance and longevity that caters to both beginners and seasoned skaters.

Construction of R7 Skateboard Decks

The core attribute of R7 decks is their seven-ply construction, which involves layers of high-quality Canadian maple wood bonded together using Resin-7 technology. This process results in a sturdier, more responsive deck capable of withstanding extensive wear and tear.


Durable: R7 decks are known for their exceptional durability. The 7-ply construction and epoxy resin make them resistant to impact, wear and tear, and pressure cracks.

Lightweight: Despite their strength, R7 decks are surprisingly light. This is due to high-quality maple wood and the efficient bonding process.

Strong pop: The R7 construction provides excellent pop, making jumping high and performing aerial tricks easier.

Medium concave: R7 decks have a medium concave, which provides a comfortable platform for your feet and sound control while skating.

Long-lasting: R7 decks can last significantly longer than traditional decks due to their superior construction.

Available in various sizes: R7 decks come in multiple sizes to accommodate skaters of all ages and skill levels.


Material: 7-ply North American maple wood with epoxy resin

Concave: Medium

Sizes: 7.75″ – 8.5″

Wheelbase: 14.25″ (standard)

Warranty: 30-day warranty against breakage (varies by manufacturer)

Here are some additional features that specific R7 decks may offer:

Impact Light construction: This construction uses lighter wood and a thinner epoxy resin layer, resulting in a deck that is even lighter than the standard R7.

Impact Plus construction: This construction adds a layer of fiberglass to the deck, making it even more robust and impact-resistant.

Resin-7 construction: This construction uses a different type of epoxy resin that is more robust and flexible. Overall, R7 skateboard decks are an excellent choice for skaters looking for a durable, high-performance deck that will last. With their superior construction, excellent pop, and lightweight design, R7 decks will surely help you take your skating to the next level.

Benefits of R7 Skateboard Decks

Seven decks are popular among professional skaters and anyone who wants a deck that can withstand a lot of wear and tear. They are also a good choice for beginners, as they are less likely to break than traditional decks.

Here are some of the benefits of using an R7 skateboard deck:

More robust and more durable: The epoxy resin in the R7 construction helps to bond the pieces of wood together, making the deck more powerful and more resistant to breakage.

Lighter weight: R7 decks are typically more lightweight than traditional decks, making them easier to flip and land tricks.

More pop: The epoxy resin in the R7 construction also helps to give the deck more pop, making it easier to ollie and do other aerial tricks.

Longer lasting: R7 decks are more resistant to wear and tear than traditional decks so they will last longer.

Choosing the Right R7 Deck

Selecting the perfect R7 deck involves considering size preferences and available graphic options. Different sizes cater to various styles of skating, while diverse graphic designs let riders express their personalities through their boards.

Maintenance Tips for R7 Decks

Regular cleaning and proper upkeep are crucial to prolong the lifespan of an R7 deck. Additionally, implementing preventive measures, such as nose and tail guards, can prevent premature wear and damage.

R7 Decks in the Skateboarding Community

Professional skateboarders often prefer R7 decks due to their superior performance and reliability. Their widespread adoption has significantly impacted the skateboarding industry, influencing design trends and performance standards.

Comparing R7 Decks with Other Skateboard Decks

Compared to other decks, R7 stands out for its strength and durability. This strength improves performance, making them a favorite among serious skaters.

Impact of R7 Decks on Performance

R7 decks have been lauded for their impact on performance. Skaters report improved execution of tricks and maneuvers, attributing their success to the responsive nature of these decks.

Customization Options for R7 Decks

Personalizing an R7 deck allows riders to create a board that reflects their unique style and preferences. From choosing deck size to graphic designs, customization options abound.

R7 Decks: Evolution and Innovations

Over the years, R7 decks have evolved significantly, incorporating technological advancements to enhance their performance—the future promises even more innovations in R7 deck construction.

Environmental Considerations

Many R7 deck manufacturers prioritize sustainability, employing eco-friendly practices and materials in their production processes, contributing to a more environmentally conscious skateboarding industry.

R7 Decks: User Reviews and Experiences

Skaters worldwide praise R7 decks for their durability, performance, and overall quality. Testimonials highlight the positive experiences and satisfaction of using these decks.

Expert Insights on R7 Decks

Experts in the skateboarding industry endorse R7 decks for their structural integrity and performance capabilities. Their commendation solidifies the reputation of R7 decks in the skating world.


In conclusion, R7 skateboard decks represent a pinnacle of innovation and durability in the skateboarding realm. Their seven-ply construction and Resin-7 technology offer unparalleled durability and enhanced performance, making them a top choice for skateboarders of all levels.


Are R7 decks suitable for beginners?

Ecks cater to beginners and experienced skaters due to their durability and responsiveness.

How long do R7 decks typically last?

With proper care, R7 decks can last long, often outlasting other decks.

Can I customize the graphics on an R7 deck?

Absolutely! R7 decks offer various graphic options for riders to personalize their boards.

Do R7 decks significantly impact performance?

Yes, many skaters report improved performance and execution of tricks with R7 decks.

Are R7 decks environmentally friendly?

Some manufacturers prioritize sustainability, incorporating eco-friendly practices in R7 deck production.

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